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Junior Pastry School

Dear parents!

If you do not know how to organize the leisure of your children so that time will not wasted and your child will learned something useful, then Junior Pastry School - this is  exactly what you need!

Junior Pastry School is the original author's master-class from Nikolay Popov where the most famous Simferopol confectioner shares his secrets with any child. Classes are held in a separate room specially equipped with everything you need. And parents are able to observe the actions of their children on TV that's installed in the main hall. The children wear the form of a young confectioner in order to fully experience the atmosphere of sweets!

The theme of classes can be molded out of chocolate or marzipan, work with sugar paste, drawing on the chocolate, cake cooking with kids and much more!

Classes are held every Sunday at 2 pm for all children in the age of 4 years. If the group recruited more than 15 people, additional work is carried out at 12 am or 4 pm. Cost of  classes is 40 UAH.

Also, Junior Pastry School can be arranged at any time for groups of 6 persons. Not only children but adults can join the sweet secrets of the art at the School of Nikolay  Popov.

If you are interested in this opportunity, you can sign up for the Junior School of Pastry filling out the form.

 Sincerely yours,
 Nikolay Popov

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